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Always attentive to the market requirements and technological innovation, 2FC Impianti designs, contructs and istalls made-to-measure painting systems with turnkey supply, using excellent quality long life materials.

The processing cycle begins when the window or doorframe leaves the warehouse, or any other place that is established as the loading point, and enters the flow-coating where it is sprinkled with impregnating liquid or colour.




impianti di verniciatura automatico birotaia

The chain is moved by a caterpillar towing unit which hooks it simultaneously in two separate points, considerably reducing movement effort.The chain turnbuckles give maximum efficiency to the system and guarantee long life.









The advantage of using a double rail system is gained from having stores (lungs) in certain pre-established points with reduced control time with respect to single rail systems. The stores give the operator the possibility of performing a processing phase on the part and then stocking it in a specific point in the circuit, where there are drying ovens or passivation tunnels. Our double rails are calendered which guarantees effective protection of the running bearings in the trolley where the part holding bar is hung. This bar can usually hold several frames meaning the operator can rapidly perform the relative task.

 There are two main types of system: with single or double trolley.

impianto di verniciatura

In the former the trolley has a shaped spoke structure, which, when rotary stations are used, takes the bar to a parallel or perpendicular position with respect to the double rail axle, depending on the movement required.


impianto di verniciatura

In the latter case,  there are two trolleys in the part-holding bar. This makes loading easier, gives smoother progress, allows lengthening the bars, eliminates rotary stations and therefore increases productivity.





A special rotary system in front of the painting cabin, allows the part holding bar to rotate by 180 degrees meaning the operator can easily paint both sides of the part. 






The processing cycle starts hanging the manufacture to the special hook. The chain is moved by a caterpillar towing unit which hooks it simultaneously in two separate points, considerably reducing movement effort. 




Although specialized in the field of wooden windows, 2FC Impianti plans, manufactures and also provides automatic plants for the vertical painting of chairs, plants for assembled furniture and coffins on rollers with manual or automatic handling.





automatic painting systems for wooden pallets

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