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We are pleased to introduce you our painting pumps:

painting pumpspainting pump Galaxy 732

Mod. GALAXY 321-732  The airless Galaxy painting system is based on a fundamental principle which exploits the high hydraulic pressure generated by a pneumatic motor eliminating air from the pump obtaining the following advantages: easier handling  of  the equipment with substantial improvement of operating time, varnish saving, better finishing with remarkable reduction of diluents, water and air supply. The application fields of these equipments are enormous: from wood, to hardy or light structural works, to shipyards, to building industry, to coachwork.




painting pumps Mod. GALAXY 116Exploits the hydraulic pressure furnished by a pneumatic motor together with a light air produced by the spray gun which allows a better atomizing effect of the fluid and consequently an excellent finishing. It is essential when vertical spraying is required.









pompa di verniciatura Orion 6000
 Mod. ORION 6000It is a pneumatic membrane pump of moderate dimensions and simply employment, it allows the operator to regulate separately the air and the pressure of the varnishing product, so that to obtain a restricted varnish use. The application fields of Orion are enormous and ranges from the application of almost all kinds of varnish (for wood, metal, plastic) until the application of bonding agents or fluids as detaching agents, etc. On demand it can also be equipped to apply water base products. 



All Galaxy pumps are suitable for the application both of solvent and water base products.

painting pumps

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